A Few Words About Us
While creating the concept of our website, we were inspired by amazing adventures of Dr. Harrison Jones, a zoologist and a keen nature lover, his inquisitive niece Fanny and their restless raccoon Chee.
It all started a few years ago when Dr. Jones and Girl Scout Daisy Fanny decided to go on an expedition to find rare species of animals, but instead, they met an ordinary but very cute raccoon with a bushy tail! Fanny liked the raccoon so much that the restless thing became her pet and her best friend! Since then the three of them have been traveling together. Raccoon Chee helps them take amazing and funny videos of animal life with his GoPro camera! The eager adventurers have gathered an unmatched collection of the funniest animal videos ever! Not long ago Dr. Jones shared his video collection with us, and now we want to share it with you!
We launched this website to prove that animals not only make us smile but also that they are the best friends we could ever have, so they need our care and protection!
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